'Stranger Awareness' Half Day Workshop

Year 5 & 6 children are at the stage in their young lives where they are likely to be given some independence from their parents (walking to and from school, meeting friends etc) and very soon will be taking a big step into secondary school.

These workshops will give the student a chance to learn and practice a wide range of basic skills to keep them safe in an adult free environment. It has also been designed to grow a child’s confidence and awareness which they can in-turn apply in all walks of life as they mature. Including life 'online'.

This interactive workshop will include physical & mental participation, roll play with other children, Q&A sessions and Fun interactive discussions and demonstrations.

This workshop has been designed and tailored for upper Ks2 pupils .

Skills Covered

Stranger Awareness

Reading & Understanding Dangerous Situations

Risk Assessment

Getting Help

Friendly Strangers

Escaping From Danger

Environment Awareness

Confidence Building

Body Language

Making Noise

Cyber Strangers & Safely interacting with people online