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Positive feedback from school, pupils and parents is always great, but when you receive it from a professional who works and supports children every day its even more amazing..
“I was very lucky to be able to attend one of Richard’s Stay Safe mentoring programme workshops. This session followed on from the Anti bullying workshop which was run the previous week, this meant that the prospective mentors had a really good grasp of what bullying was and who was at risk. The mentoring programme is very well structured, the training the children receive is thorough and well thought through. I can see this will really benefit a school and will aid in combating issues on the playground. It teaches the mentors what to look for but also how to respond appropriately.
I also think that the mentors themselves will build resilience and develop effective techniques to be able to deal with issues that arise – excellent when preparing children for secondary school and raising self-esteem.. The programme allows children to share and contribute their thoughts and ideas, the sense of responsibility and being a role model for others seems to grab the children’s interest too. Overall, very worthwhile!”
Support Worker: HLTA for CICESS : Children In Care Education Support Service.

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