'Anti-bullying' Interactive Presentation

Transitioning from primary to secondary school can be a big leap for some, adjusting to a new bigger environment and exposure to different friendship groups make it hard for lots of young people.

Finding their place on a social level, is not easy for everyone, plus the pressure to fit in or even stand out can also lead young people making the wrong choices from time to time.

Even though we know that secondary schools are well equipped to handle lots of bullying issues when they are made aware of them. We also know,  for lots of young people, understanding why bullying it's happening and certainly having the courage to seek help can be a big ask.

Current statistics show cyber bullying, self harm, mental health issues (related to bullying) and teenage suicide are rising.

This interactive Anti-bullying presentation, we educate young people by looking at everything from what exactly bullying is and why it happens all the way through to getting help and overcoming it.

Empowering them to take the correct steps to either prevent bullying from happening or seeking help (where now the school can provide the correct needed help and support)

Presentation time: approx 60 - 90 mins.  Presentation size: approx 150 pupils.

Topics Covered

Understanding Bullying

What is it?

Why it happens?

The Power of Bullying

Dealing with unwanted FACE to FACE interaction

Confidence Building

I’m NOT a Target

Cyber Bullying (Prevention and Cure)

Getting Help

Looking Out for Others