'Stranger Awareness' Ks1 Assembly

Even though we highly recommended children within Ks1 and lower Ks2 year groups are always kept under close adult supervision at all times, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this is always going to be the case.

These assemblies give the younger members of the school the opportunity to learn some basic concepts of safety and help them to explore how to avoid danger and more importantly get help while unsupervised.

This interactive assembly covers some of the topics taken from our extensive Ks2 Half Day Workshop, but delivered in a more condensed, manageable and age appropriate way!

This presentation lasts appox 90mins, includes Q&A sessions and an interactive quiz to finish off .

This Assembly has been designed and tailored for all Ks1 / Lower Ks2 age groups.

Topics Covered

Understanding Danger

What does unsafe feel like?

What is a Stranger?

How to get help

Making Noise

Getting help

Yell - Run - Tell