Frequently asked questions

How many children do you have in a workshop?

Due to the fact that our workshops are largely based upon pupil participation we do advise the best workshop size would be up to around 30 pupils, this ensures that everyone gets to take part in the physical elements of the workshop and we are able to address everyone personal ideas, comments and questions. However for schools with two form entry that want us to work with a specific year group, we quite often work with bigger numbers, appox 60 pupils.

Through past experience and trying to cater to individual schools requests, we have worked with larger groups but felt that the pupils present did not benefit as much due to volume of children, so we made the decision to cap the numbers at around 60.

How long does a workshops last?

Workshops are run on a Half-day format. Morning sessions will start straight after morning registration through to lunchtime (stopping for any mid-morning breaks you have). Afternoon sessions start straight after lunch through to end of school.

What age groups are your workshops aimed at?

Our Anti-bullying workshop is aimed at any age group within KS2.

The same for Stay Safe Mentors, however considering the mentors roll within school, we recommend Y5 -Y6 to be the best age.

Our Stranger Awareness workshops are aimed at the upper group within KS2 (Y5-Y6).

Our E-Safe! workshops are aimed at the upper group within KS2 (Y5-Y6).

Can we just book a Mentor Workshop?

Our Stay Safe Mentor workshop is designed as a 'follow on' from our Anti-Bullying Workshop, where a select group of pupils (approx. 6-10 children), receive additional training.

Our Anti-Bullying workshop is a detailed, interactive and informative workshop designed to educate the 'whole class' on all aspects of bullying. For the schools that wish to have mentoring training, we normally schedule in an Anti-Bullying Workshop, and then return to work with a smaller group of selected pupils.

It is important that these selected children have been given this relevant information beforehand during our Anti-Bullying Workshop to enable them to have the correct knowledge and tools to successfully fulfill their roles as school mentors and to receive this additional training.