'E-SAFE!' Half Day Interactive Presentations

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As we move further and further into the digital age, how safe children really are online has to be one of the fastest growing concerns for parents, guardians and teachers all over the world.

Stay Safe! workshops understand that being online is, and will continue to be something that will effect almost every young person on a daily basis. Whether it's through games, social media, using moblie phones or just simply doing their homework. We know we need to embrace this fact and make sure young people are able to navigate through every aspect of their online lives correctly and more importantly safely!

This interactive presentation has been carefully designed to help young people who are starting to explore the 'Digital World'. Its through our carefully constructed session that we give the tools, skills and advice to help young people to become totally E-SAFE!

It will include both physical & mental participation, Q&A sessions, fun activities and discussions.

These sessions have been designed and tailored for upper Ks2 age groups. We also run a slightly more condensed age appropriate assemblies for lower Ks2

Topics Covered

Why we need to be 'E-Safe'?

Technology... The good and the bad

Trusting the Internet (homework & research)

Receiving call, messages, attachments & downloads

Your Digital Footprint

Clues about Me! (personal information)

Getting Online Ready

Social Media