'Anti-Bullying' Half Day Workshop

Unfortunately bullying has always been, and realistically will continue to be an unwanted problem across the country and the world. Whether it's in the school playground, the workplace or 'online', statistics show that bullying of some sort affects a huge majority of the population. 'STAY SAFE!' Workshops feels that with the right education we can help people of all ages become quite literally Bully Proof!

We handle and treat this subject very realistically and feel that bullying in general should most certainly be viewed as a double edged sword, that is why our workshops concentrate on educating the bully just as much as the bullied! By looking at bullying from either end of the spectrum we can help reduce the number of victims from both ends!

This specially formulated workshop will educate, give advice and equip children with techniques to help make them BULLY PROOF!

This interactive workshop will include both physical & mental participation, roll play with other children, Q&A sessions and fun interactive discussions.

This workshop has been designed and tailored for all Ks2 age groups.

Topics Covered

Understanding bullying

Who's at risk?

Body Language

Anti-Bullying Techniques

Looking out for others

Getting help

Cyber Bullying

Dealing with bully interaction

Confidence building

I'm NOT a target!!!