Passionate about our work

In 2013, following many years of working with local young people through martial arts, self protection as well as life skills training, Richard Pomfrett created 'Stay Safe! Workshops'. His vision was to help educate and protect as many young people as possible on the subjects of bullying and abduction prevention.

It was by starting off working closely with a handful of local schools, that gave him the opportunity to develop and create such unique and effective programmes for both. Since 2013 Richard's passion for his work as pushed him to continually evolve and shape 'Stay Safe! Workshops' to fit the needs of young people today.

Growing with the times, Stay Safe! Workshops still works with young people on the original subjects, Bullying and Abduction Prevention (Stranger Awareness) but also provides relevant Internet Safety advice as well as training up many young people within schools to be Stay Safe! Mentors (possibly to become future members of #teamstaysafe themselves one day).

As times move forward Stay Safe! Workshops continue to evolve and stay relevant ensuring they are delivering the best, most up-to-date education on the subjects we now specialise in.

Mission Statement...

It is through 'Stay Safe! Workshops' specialised and unique sessions, that we aim to educate as many young people as possible. Raising awareness and passing on vital skills and knowledge at key stages in their development and helping prevent them from becoming part of the future dire statistics.

Meet the team

Richard Pomfrett

Richard Pomfrett

Company Director

Passionate about our work and extremely focused on always doing better.

Niki Pomfrett

Niki Pomfrett

Workshop Coordinator

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