Our workshops look at child safety education from the correct angle. Educating children on understanding dangerous situations and how to deal with them. Not only do we agree with this article but have recently shared our teaching methods directly with PACT (Parents of Abducted Children Together) to confirm we are putting across the correct message.

A great clip from a recent workshop at St Teath & St Breward school. The task was to think of a portentially dangerous situation, and how to react. What to do and more importantly what to say.   These 3 girls ticked all the boxes. Not only understanding a dangerous situation but mentioning there is

Cornish Guardian Visit

Thursday, 28 May 2015 by

  We had the Cornish Guardian cover one of our recent workshops at Pondhu. Below is the online post.

We are very pleased that the National group ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance’ wanted to use us in their ‘meet our members’ video range.   View video below (Bottom of page.) OR click you tube picture.  

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A Productive Week

Thursday, 21 May 2015 by

We have had a very busy, but highly productive week. Kicking things of at St Teath & St Brewards school, then Pondhu (St Austell), St Marys (Bodmin) and finally back to Pondhu (St Austell). One Anti-Bullying and three (new and improved) Stranger Awareness workshops. It has been a great week. All the children across the


Monday, 11 May 2015 by

We struggle to get Feedback from schools sometimes. But when we do, it make’s ALL the difference. From Iain, Y5 teacher at Mylor Bridge Primary, Falmouth. Richard, It was a fantastic afternoon yesterday and great to meet you. We revisited in class again briefly this morning with the photographs and Mr Lea asked some of