Welcome to 'Stay Safe! Workshops'

We at 'Stay Safe! Workshops' are extremely passionate about the well-being and safety of young people.

Our aim is to give them the opportunity to learn a wide range of tools to keep them safe in a supervision free environment.

We provide a range of engaging, interactive and very educational workshops, assemblies and presentations that equip our audience with vital life skills, educating and protecting them from 'Bullying', guiding them through their 'Digital Lives' and also how to 'Stay Safe' when out and about on their own.

Our sessions will not only reassure parents, but also give young people the confidence and knowledge to always "STAY SAFE!”

The skills we teach not only prepare them for independent life as they mature into young adults but could ultimately prove life-saving!!


What we do

What are schools saying about us?

  • "After 30 years of teaching and seeing tons of anti-bullying sessions, that was by far the best, most engaging and informative workshop I've ever seen! So, so valuable for young people"
    Yr5 Class Teacher , Carclaze Primary (Cornwall)
  • Thank you very much for our E safety day. The children were extremely engaged and learnt a great deal about the internet and e safety. We will certainly be using your company again in the future.
    Head Teacher, Hillesley Primary (Gloucestershire)
  • I've heard nothing but how great the sessions were, including the parent workshop. This will help us to ensure that we deal with issues as well as we possibly can and can really highlight unacceptable behaviour to children. See you again soon.
    Head Teacher, St Mary's Primary (Purton, Swindon)