Subjects all parents fear the most the moment our children are out of sight.

All children get told from a young age "don't talk to strangers" and if anyone is horrible to you "tell the teacher”. In reality these generic pearls of wisdom do not prepare a child for what may lie ahead.

Sadly, we live in a world where abductions, child suicide and cyber hate / abuse has become an all too common feature on our daily news. Despite parent’s and teacher’s best efforts, these massive problems still exist! - This is not good enough, we need change NOW!

'STAY SAFE! Workshops' has been created by Richard Pomfrett, a life long martial artist. As well as his young family, Richard has dedicated his life to the self protection and personal safety for both children and adults. It is his knowledge and passion which has allowed him to create such unique and effective workshops.

Mission Statement...

It is through 'STAY SAFE! Workshops' specialised and unique "Stranger Awareness, Anti-Bullying & E-safety" workshops, that we aim to educate as many Primary School children as possible. Raising awareness and passing on vital skills and knowledge at key stages in their development and helping prevent them from becoming part of the latest dire statistics.